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Re: curl 7.28.1/ bug?

From: Jiří Hruška <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 12:13:55 +0100

Hi Tomáš,

> I am trying to build curl into a static library (...) and expected that this will link to libcmt.lib with the /MT flag.
You have to discern between what kind of library is created (static
.lib or dynamic .dll, or .a/.so in Unix) and what kind of CRT library
is used (libcmt or msvcrt). There are even more versions of the CRT,
not just "static" and "dynamic", depending on the multithreaded switch
and debugging features, like libc, libcmtd, msvcrtd, etc.

> I have investigated why and have discovered that line 230 in reads:
> !IF "$(RTLIBCFG)"=="static"
> but RTLIBCFG variable is undefined.
I believe RTLIBCFG is used intentionally here to allow selecting all
combinations possible and using the default if undefined. If you want
to use static CRT with either libcurl build, dynamic or static, just
run nmake with the additional option RTLIBCFG=static.

Nevertheless, RTLIBCFG is indeed undocumented in both
BUILD.WINDOWS.txt and, so that's what some maintainer
could perhaps improve now that this question came up ;)

Best regards,

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