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curl 7.28.1/ bug?

From: Tomáš Zahradnický <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 07:39:31 +0100


I am trying to build curl into a static library on Windows/Visual Studio 2005 and have discovered a potential bug in file. I have compiled curl with:

nmake /f mode=static VC=8 ENABLE_IDN=no ENABLE_WINSSL=no GEN_PDB=no DEBUG=no MACHINE=x86

and expected that this will link to libcmt.lib with the /MT flag. Instead it links to msvcrt80.dll with the /MD flag. I have investigated why and have discovered that line 230 in reads:

!IF "$(RTLIBCFG)"=="static"

but RTLIBCFG variable is undefined. If I change the line to:

!IF "$(MODE)"=="static"

everything works as expected. If the proposed fix is not right, then the documentation file BUILD.WINDOWS.txt should state how to set the runtime library to link against.

All the best,

# Ing. Tomas Zahradnicky, EUR ING, Ph.D.
# Assistant Professor, Deputy Head of Department
# Department of Computer Systems
# Faculty of Information Technology
# The Czech Technical University in Prague
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