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Re: Webdav over SSL; IIS 7.5; Files larger than ~7.5MB

From: Oscar Koeroo <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2013 12:21:57 +0100

On 06-01-13 13:06, Chris Knight wrote:
> So just to give an update on this,
> After receiving a tip off I managed to get a work around for this issue. It
> turns out the problem was to do with using libcurl and openssl because when
> I use polarssl there is no problem.
> I tried figuring out exactly what the issue was but given ssl is not my area
> of expertise I can't dig too deep before I get a little bit lost, just
> thought I should let people know that there is a way round the issue if they
> come across it.
> Chris

Hi Chris,

Could you test with an OpenSSL build curl and test with the following cipher

"ALL:!ECDH" as --ciphers option (mind the ! sign on the command line) or set
an explicit cipher list with curl_{easy,multi,share}_setopt()

Last year we had a problem with OpenSSL and Java services unable to talk to
each other because of the preference of ECDH and it being borked in java.

Yet another option is setting CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS with the
CURLSSLOPT_ALLOW_BEAST option or the --ssl-allow-beast option.

I'm interested to know if either of these worked and also the server
version. You mentioned IIS, but I didn't find which flavor/version of it you
are using.


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