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Re: Improving IMAP support

From: Jiří Hruška <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 23:46:11 +0100

Hi Steve,

>> I can volunteer to test and finalize your tests if you want
> That would be great - Are you able to verify the patch I posted doesn't break anything first of all?
Sure - thanks for the details you sent off the list, will try them and report.

> I know these things are always subjective but I'm not too happy with the order of the functions either - as I find I end up paging around quite a bit to follow the logic.
Yeah, I started with just trying to make sense of what calls what,
then suddenly realized I ended up with quite a different order.
> However I now have it so that smtp, pop3 and imap are a close match to each other but either way I think we should attack that as a separate issue - either as a pre or post functionality patch.
OK, good. I always feel a bit ashamed meddling with other people's
source code, that's why I prepared at least the "minimal" patch too :)

> Additionally, are the pingpong changes required for the new functionality or will the new code work without them?
They are required, or at least the other stuff depends on them. One
change is refactoring the code which extracts whatever is left in the
PP cache into pingpong.c (as I thought accessing PP internals from
imap.c or wherever is not as nice), second change fixes the case when
Curl_pp_easy/multi_statemach is called with something still in the PP
cache (e.g. imagine a FETCH response, whole small body is in the
cache, the required number of bytes is extracted, zero bytes are left
for download, PERFORM phase is skipped -> DONE is stuck waiting for
the final CRLF).

> As I'm sure you are aware, we have a feature freeze next week for v7.29 - I have all my patches ready to push and would like to do these before the weekend is over - then, if possible, I would like to try and commit some of your changes but we might be cutting it a bit fine there unfortunately.
Yep, seen the notice about upcoming release. You'll see how it goes
for you, there is no need for rush at least as I'm concerned.


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