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Re: [bagder/curl] 13606b: build: make use of 93 lib/*.c renamed files

From: Gisle Vanem <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 09:58:13 +0100

"GitHub" <> i.e. Yang Tse wrote:

> 93 *.c source files renamed to use our standard naming scheme.
> A lib/curl_amigaos.c
> A lib/curl_asyn_ares.c
> A lib/curl_asyn_thread.c
> A lib/curl_axtls.c
> A lib/curl_base64.c
> A lib/curl_bundles.c

Okay, but now we can say goodbye to 8+3 unique names on
FAT systems. A DOS-box under Windows should be okay due
to the SFN-tilde (~) hackery.

Not that I really care, but killing support for Metaware + Pharlap
DOS-extender is a pity. Metaware High-C/C++ still rocks. One of the
1st true C++ compilers that didn't go via C-code. The C-compiler
also has some cool and unique features.

I'll try to check if libcurl HighC/Pharlap still builds under a Win-XP DOS-box.


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