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latest curl on Plan9

From: Jens Staal <>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 09:47:29 +0100

I just wanted to report that the latest curl pretty much built "out of the

Small porting digest:
- change configure to not use unsupported stuff like "mv -f", "cp -r" and "ls
- change config.sub to include -plan9*
- run configure with "kitchen sink approach" - activate every conditional to
expose all functionality from the APE libraries
- a custom lib/config-plan9.h with a few (re-)definitions
- edited lib/select.h to not be inactivated

Libcurl + curl binary could be built with zlib support

- the compiler used is the posix c compiler (pcc) front end of the native
Plan9 compiler (for i386: 8c)
- I did this by making mkfiles, but one could probably have used the Makefiles
and "cc" under APE as compiler too.


- The existing old openssl port does not seem to contain everything needed for
curl - seems to block the use of libssh2 and libmetalink too.
- newer openssl has a lot of annoying stuff going for it though: first of all,
the source archive contains symlinks (which are not supported on Plan9) and
Configure depends on Perl.
- will any of the other ssl alternatives work to enable libssh2 and/or
libmetalink? Especially axtls looks interesting.
- I have libtomcrypt built, but I could not see any reports on this being used
as an alternative -lcrypto.

- A weird thing when compiling with c-ares support: curl binary consumes all
CPU power in my VM and hangs like that (even when doing something simple like
"curl -V"). This could be an error in the c-ares port but it seems to be curl-
specific since the binaries built against c-ares in the c-ares package
(acountry, ahost, adig) seem to work as they should.
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