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Howto implement libcurl in fuse fs?

From: Stef Bon <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:35:59 +0200


I'm working on a service which provides access to different resources
like audio cdroms,
filesystem cd's, smb shares and ftp servers.


Access to ftp servers is done like:


When this is created, the ftp servers are at this moment read from a
global file
(/etc/fuse-workspace/data/ftpservers) and from a personal file.

Right now it can read directories, symlinks.
Not working is the reading and writing of files.

Some questions:

a. how can I use libcurl most optimal to provide simultanious access
to different servers?
Fuse-workspace does also work in a multi seat configuration, offering
different "Network"
maps to different users.
So it's very possible that there are different uses of libcurl to
maybe the same server,
maybe different servers.

How to program this? For every server using a different easy_handle,
and this easy_handle is protected by the thread lock?

Isn't is better to use one handle for every server?

Or using a multi handle?

Any advice here how to this is very welcome.

b. I've read that libcurl can offer access to more services than ftp.
Which services are also possible in a construction like mine?

Thanks in advance,

Stef Bon
the Netherlands
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