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Re: Java Bindings Mirror And Some Beginner Help

From: Guenter <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 13:41:16 +0200

Am 29.06.2012 13:25, schrieb Guenter:
> indeed, and 1st time since years for a couple of months already;
> its mainly an issue for me of finding the time and mood to re-install
> everything since the hardware died.
> There were and are too many other things in the way, and my domain has a
> low priority since I used it for nothing else than distributing my
> opensource stuff.
> Furthermore I have currently no access to the old data, so regarding
> curl-java all I can offer at the moment is version 0.2.3 which is a bit
> dated; there were a couple of changes since then regarding namespace ...
> anyway, for the moment here it is:
> if anyone else has a later version (from svn?) somewhere floating around
> please send me, and I will put it up too.
I've just found that another host where I had the curl-java svn repo is
at rev 51, after that we had only 5 more commits where I have the
patches in commit messages ...
so might probably be a better startpoint:
svn export curl-java


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