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Re: More peer review! Patch for NTLM support with Darwin SSL

From: Nick Zitzmann <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:04:07 -0600

On Jun 27, 2012, at 1:33 PM, Guenter wrote:

> and may I give the same suggestion to you as I gave to Marc already:
> libssh2 also needs crypto support, and currently only works with either openssl or libgcrypt; at least for static curl builds with libssh2 it would be nice if the dependency to these libs would be removed completely (I mean here since curl uses native SSL then libssh2 should also use native crypto)

Funny you mention that, because a while ago I was working on porting libssh2 to the CommonCrypto API so it could be ported to iOS. I almost finished it, but ran into a rather formidable wall - libssh2 simply will not work without a big number data structure, and while OpenSSL and GnuTLS provide such data structures, CommonCrypto does not. Since CommonCrypto appears to use LibTomCrypt internally, I'm guessing there is one, but it's not public API, and using private APIs is a great way to get your Mac or iOS app rejected from Apple's store.

I've never written one on my own, and was going to incorporate LibTomMath until I saw the size of that library. If anyone has any suggestions...

Nick Zitzmann

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