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Re: More peer review! Patch for NTLM support with Darwin SSL

From: Guenter <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2012 21:33:39 +0200

Hi Nick,
Am 27.06.2012 08:55, schrieb Nick Zitzmann:
> I've attached a patch that will allow NTLM authentication when building using SecureTransport (Darwin) for SSL. The patch uses CommonCrypto, a cryptography library that ships with all versions of iOS and Mac OS X. It's like OpenSSL's libcrypto, except that it's missing a few less-common cyphers and doesn't have a big number data structure.
> At least, it works in theory. I just read what the other libraries were doing and tried to mimic them. While the patch builds cleanly and passes every unit test, unfortunately, I don't have any Web servers around that use NTLM for authentication that I could use for testing. If anyone reading this has one, could you please help me test this (if you also have a Mac or an OS X virtual machine) or make a server available for testing (if you don't)? Contact me off-list.
great work! Now it would be of great help if you could (at least once a
day from cron) run an autobuild with these new options enabled ;-)

and may I give the same suggestion to you as I gave to Marc already:
libssh2 also needs crypto support, and currently only works with either
openssl or libgcrypt; at least for static curl builds with libssh2 it
would be nice if the dependency to these libs would be removed
completely (I mean here since curl uses native SSL then libssh2 should
also use native crypto) ...


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