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Windows SSPI/Schannel winbuild makefiles

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 16:22:24 +0200

Hi Yang,

I changed the subject of this mail in order to break out of the 50+
messages thread with this.

2012/6/13 Yang Tse <>:
>> I see that you changed the winbuild scripts to automatically set
>> USE_SSPI to yes and USE_SCHANNEL to true if USE_SSL is false. Why did
>> you do that? That makes it impossible to build a Windows version
>> without SSL support. Before your changes Schannel was only enabled if
>> SSPI was enabled and OpenSSL was not.
> Fixed now. define USE_WINSSL to build with both SSPI and schannel support.

Thanks, but that change wasn't enough to actually make it possible to
build with Schannel support using winbuild/

I have attached a patch that makes it possible again and tries to make
USE_WINSSL consistent with the other defines in those makefiles.
Please take a look at the patch, especially it's long description
including the reasoning for this patch.

I know that this patch uses USE_WINSSL, even though the naming is
still discussed, but since it's not possible to build libcurl+Schannel
without these changes, I think they should be put into the repository
for now.

The patch does also include some comments on the general define naming
strategy I would like to recommend for the Windows makefiles.

Best regards,

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