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Re: Windows SSPI Schannel implementation ready

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012 22:10:56 +0200

Steve Holme <> wrote:

>> OTOH every half baked Windows user, and all power-users,
>> knows that schannel is the 'thingy' to hack in the registry to
>> modify SSL behavior. But I have no problem with calling it
>> 'SSL-Windows-native'.
> Personally I find that quite offensive. I have been programming Windows
> since v2.0 and have used SSPI on a number of occasions for Security Contexts
> but not actually used SChannel. I might have read about it and glossed over
> it but as a software engineer and power user I wasn't aware of its usage
> fully until Marc's work.

Why do you take my comment as something personal? I really don't
understand this.

> I have stated time and time again that the literal should include SSPI
> because, as I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong and point
> me to the MSDN documentation but SSPI is the interface to all the services
> that it provides.

Hey, I'm not saying SSPI isn't the outer interface. I'm saying that we
can build a libcurl version wich uses SSPI and makes no use of

You want a MS link which speaks about schannel without mentioning SSPI?

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