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Re: after 7.26.0

From: Marc Hoersken <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 09:48:30 +0200

Hi Steve,

2012/6/8 Steve Holme <>:
> Hi Marc,
>> Okay, I think the best way would be to base your work on my rebased
>>  branch which still holds the whole development history:
> There's still some areas of git that I'm not too familiar with or workflow
> that are different to the other version control packages I've used but I've
> done the following from TortoiseGIT:

I would like to recommend "Git for Windows" instead of TortoiseGIT,
because the latter hides a lot of git's power functionality. ;-)

> * Cloned the repository from
> * Switched to the schannel-rebase-00fddba672 branch

That's a way to do it. But if you want to push to your own repo
instead of needing to generate e-mail patches, you could have created
a fork on
Anyway, you can just send your commits as a patch to the mailinglist.

> Will I have direct commit / push access to that branch or should I be
> working differently?

Yes, you will have commit access to your local clone, but you won't be
able to push to my personal fork on
Please take a look at this guide:

A better approach would to fork Daniel's repo and then pull my changes into it.

> I've just added support for APOP in a local branch here, which I hope to
> push over the weekend and once that is out of the way / whilst I wait for
> the autobuilds to run I will hopefully be able to re do my version info
> changes into your branch.


Best regards,

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