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Re: Problem with libgcrypt maybe because of curl

From: Paul Salters <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 13:56:41 +0200

On 14 May 2012 13:46, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> On Fri, 11 May 2012, Paul Salters wrote:
>> I have a problem in my application that uses the xmlrpc-c lib
>> ( That application is multi-threaded. Most
>> of the time it runes fine but sometimes i get the following error:
>> "ath.c:193: _gcry_ath_mutex_lock: Assertion '*lock == ((ath_mutex_t) 0)'
>> failed". After i did some research I found out that "ath.c" is from libgrypt
>> which is used by gnutls with is used by libcurl (correct?).
> Older versions of GnuTLS used gcrypt, yes. Newer versions use nettle
> instead...


>> Also i found out that there where some issues with this in the past (see
>> mailing list around 2006). My question is of course can you help me to
>> identify the problem? And hopefully you can help me to fix the problem.
> Are you using the gcrypt mutex callbaks? If you are, then I think you suffer
> from a problem that modern versions of these libraries don't show.

I don't use the gcrypt mutex callbacks. should I? I thought
libgnutls/libcurl handles this for me? (I am not that good c(++)

>> libgcrypt11 (1.4.5-2)
>> libgnutls-dev (2.8.6-1+squeeze2)
>> libcurl4-gnutls-dev (7.21.0-2.1+squeeze2)
> While being a bit of work, I think it would be a good idea if you built and
> installed recent versions of all components in a separate place and re-run
> your tests with those just to see if the problem is already fixed or not.

I have set up an Debian testing installation. No problems what so
ever. So it seems indeed that this is an version problem somehow. But
i would like to know what the problem is, because I would like to use
Debian stable.

Paul Salters

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