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Re: Redirect Ouput to a variable in dll

From: Saravana kumar <>
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 22:15:31 +0530

> 2. Your application will not "leak" data on stdout (if you don't set the
> WRITEFUNCTION, curl will output data to stdout regardless of any other
> settings). This is great for speed, security etc., etc.

Thanks, thing i must consider. But according to tiny c dll 'coff'
file spec, i can't load data from a dll in that compiler. Only
functions and its addresses. So, i need to allocate some memory on the
fly for data manipulation? Bit crazy? A dll using another dll(libcurl
in this case - can't compile as static in tiny c) is creepy. Need a
function prototype for output html data as variable.

>You can't have different return values in C
 Yep, i remember.

> The closest thing you could have is a function like: char*
> curl_easy_perform2(), with the return value being NULL on error

That's the thing which was exactly in my mind. I need it a lot. would
you help me?

PS Otherwise you suggesting me to go with ming-w instead of tiny c (
For Dll only)? Because i just love tiny c!

Saravana Kumar.A
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