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From: karim khalid <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 10:04:03 +0000 (GMT)

hello everyone, here is my request: Thank for your quickly response and I am sorry to email you directly but I have already sent an email to this address: I have also tried this version: 7.22. curl doesn't return any response from these servers applications (Jboss and weblogic) when they deal my request HTTP1.1 (method Post) in more than 2 seconde. when the server treat my request HTTP 1.1 in less 1 seconde (500 ms), Curl return a response. when I have changed this header "Expect: 100-continue" to "Expect" , the problem seems disappears Is this a bug in curl for you? thanks   Cordialement khalid KARIM ________________________________ De : Daniel Stenberg <> À : karim khalid <> Envoyé le : Vendredi 30 Décembre 2011 22h33 Objet : Re: Expect: 100-continue On Fri, 30 Dec 2011, karim khalid wrote: > Hello Daniel, Hi! Please don't email me directly on curl issues and questions. Please use a proper mailing list: > I am using Curl version7.15.5 Please consider updating. That version is very outdated. > and it seems curl sent by default this headerHTTP  "Expect: 100-continue" , For some HTTP requests it did and still do, yes. > when I use a post method HTTP to send a request XML and when the server (weblogic or Jboss)take more than 2 seconde to respond, the curl doesn't return any response, the timeout is 30 seconds, when the response the server doesn't exeed 1 seconde, I get fine the response, when I send-- header "Expect:" I can see that the response from server is fast, and even the server take more 3 seconde to respond curl return a response > > Could you please confirm that this is a bugs in this version ? and with the latest version7.23 this bugs was fixed ? I don't understand your description, and I would prefer that you simply TRY the latest version and see for yourself if the bug is gone or not... -- /   Cordialement khalid KARIM ________________________________ De : "" <> À : Envoyé le : Samedi 31 Décembre 2011 10h50 Objet : Welcome to the "curl-library" mailing list Hey Karim, Me (Daniel Stenberg) added you manually now to the curl-library mailing list. You should now be able to send mail to it. Welcome to the mailing list! Hello subscriber! Welcome to the curl-library mailing list. Please note that all subscribers will be added as "moderated". This means that your first post to the mailing list will be intercepted by the server and require an admin to okay it before it reaches the list. Once your first post has been verified, your subsequent posts will be allowed without human interventions. Thanks for your patience with this anti-spam measure! To post to this list, send your message to: General information about the mailing list is at: If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your subscription page at: You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to: with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions. You must know your password to change your options (including changing the password, itself) or to unsubscribe without confirmation.  It is:   aguxveum Normally, Mailman will remind you of your mailing list passwords once every month, although you can disable this if you prefer.  This reminder will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe or change your account options.  There is also a button on your options page that will email your current password to you.

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