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Re: correlating changelog entries to bugtracker issues

From: Frank Meier <>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 14:34:55 +0100

> I try make us include such information in the commit messages when we
> commit bug fixes, with a "Bug:" line that points to a URL or similar
> with futher info of the report of a problem. That info would then be
> included in the generated changelog. Unfortunately, we sometimes
> forget to include that info.
ah I see, the changelog at is like the
RELEASE-NOTES file and doesn't have this info, but the CHANGES file in
the sources does.
Would be nice if it was possible to include a bugId in the changes.html
> In this particular case the bug report clearly identifies a commit
> that fixed the problem: "The issue was fixed with commit 1bab38780b.
> Thank you!"
If I have a tracker issue, it's easy to find the commit and the fixed
version, but I came the other way, looking at the changelog.html

cheers, Frank
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