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RE: help: libCURL with epoll

From: Kopparapu, Sangeeta (GE Healthcare, consultant) <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 10:26:53 -0500

>>> Uh, I forgot to ask: why are you creating new handles all the time
>>> and

> >I am using 10 easy handles per thread and have taken care of reusing
> >the handles in the code. But the transfer rate is 17Mbps.

>I asked Robert as he mentioned the 1100 microseconds as a long time
when creating new handles. You're not working on the same thing, are

Actually, the thread was started by me and after that Robert shared
his/her experiences which were helpful to me and are applicable to me as
well. Yes, I am working on same thing.

>You probably need to do some profiling and network analyzing to figure
out exactly what takes the time that prevents you from achieving higher
Thanks for your suggestion. I am using profiler as and when I am making
changes to code. Now, I use network analyzer to see what's going on.

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