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Re: help: libCURL with epoll

From: Pedro Larroy <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 01:42:48 +0100

I'm currently observing that I get some blocking with c-ares compiled
with --enable-nonblocking

With strace I see my program polling on several different filehandles,
and blocking on requests.

Is this the expected behaviour?


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On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 9:24 PM, Kopparapu, Sangeeta (GE Healthcare,
consultant) <> wrote:
> My requirement is to download multiple small files (sizes starting from
> 1KB and maximum of 200KB)) from a server (same) using HTTP protocol. I
> have used libCURL easy interface to download files but performance is
> not as expected. I also tried with curl_multi_perform (followed the
> example 10-at-a-time.c). But no gain in performance. So, now, I wanted
> to use libCURL hiper (curl_multi_socket* function) to achieve this. I
> have seen the examples that have come with libCURL source code to get
> overview on how to use libCURL library. But they are all making use of
> 3rd party libraries(libevent, libev..etc.) and so have some imact on
> overall performance (which is also mentioned in
> I wanted to use epoll
> to get maximum performance (read the link:
> and so
> eager to see that type of numbers in my application as well). Any help
> (like providing some sample or some light) towards achieving this is
> greatly appreciated.
> Thank you in advance for your time and reply.
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