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[WCRU][LIB] Verifying FTP server certificate using a CA certificate chain

From: Gran Ville Van Lintao <>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 15:18:12 +0800


I'm programming a ftp client that uses libcurl to upload to a remote FTP
I already got it working even with just one root CA certificate, but it
doesn't work when I already use
a "chain" of CA certificates.

this is ftpclient_which_use_curl
- uses CA_PATH
- CA_PATH has CA certificates: *root_certificate*(self-signed) and *
intermediate_certificate*(issued by root_certificate)
this is ftpserver
- gives a server certificate issued by the CA
*intermediate_certificate*during connection

Can anyone tell me how to make libcurl work using this setup, and if it is
really supported?
I tried scanning the mailing list but i don't think its answered clearly
regarding chained CAs.

Thanks a lot.

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