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Re: checking folder

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 22:32:05 +0200 (CEST)

On Thu, 26 May 2011, Essa Mohammad wrote:

(Please don't top-post!)

> Drive mapping may not be necessary if following is possible using libCurl.

May not be necessary for what? I'm not sure anymore that I even understand
what you mean with drive mapping.

How is "following" not possibly with libcurl? What is "following" in a file
transfer context to you then?

> I have three folder structures on NT/QNX machines where files sit that I
> want to download to Windows 7 machine. Two folder structures are for windows
> NT machines and one is for QNX machine. That's the reason I do dive mapping
> and then start downloading the files from the drive which maps successfully.

Uh, why not just have your client download from the dir that it should
download from?

> Another way of downloading file is to determine whether certain folder
> structrure exists or not.

It is pretty hard to download from a folder structure that _doesn't_ exist, so
you can be fairly sure it actually exists if you manage to download anything
from it... (yes, I realize I miss some point again)

> Is there a method in libCurl that tells whether a particualr folder exists
> or not. If the response is True, I'll then do SFTP to download files.

Yes, you can for example request a directory listing of it over SFTP and if it
works you know its there. You can set CURLOPT_NOBODY to 1 and get a file to
check if it exists, but I'm not sure what happens if you try that on a
directory over SFTP.

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