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Re: OS/400 FTP Server Related Problem

From: Dan Fandrich <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 03:23:34 -0700

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 09:23:02PM -0400, Fred Damstra wrote:
> The old behavior worked fine for us, but the new behavior assumes we
> always want to transfer to the IFS. It would be nice if there was a
> command-line switch to override this "Operating System Autodetection".
> Naturally, I can edit the source to remove these commands from being
> sent, but it would be nice if it were configurable so that I would
> eventually be able to revert to my distro's patch mechanisms to
> receive security updates. I'm not exactly clear on how this patch
> fixed the OP's problem, since his complaint was that it defaulted to
> NAMEFMT 1 if he reused a connection. I'm not reusing a connection,
> but it is defaulting to NAMEFMT 1 no matter what now.

If you set a CURLOPT_QUOTE or CURLOPT_PREQUOTE command of "NAMEFMT 0",
won't it "undo" the previous NAMEFMT 1 operation?

>>> Dan
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