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Re: What is the Best way to compile libCURL with OpenSSL & ZLIB

From: m0n0 <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 10:29:52 +0200

Am Mi, 18.05.2011, 09:58 schrieb Ambuj Jain:
> combinations. Please suggest me what is the best way for compiling these
> libraries.
> What are the differences in the below combinations.
> 1. If we compile OpenSSL without ZLIB, but libCURL with ZLIB

Sounds like there would be no ZLIB support within OpenSSL then, however
size of resultign libcurl is not decreased - No point in that - at least
not from my point of view.

> 2. If we compile OpenSSL with ZLIB and also compile libCURL with

That sounds good. All features enabled for both libs - why would you want
to have it any other way??

> 3. If we compile OpenSSL with ZLIB, but libCURL without ZLIB

Why? You already included the ZLIB with the OpenSSL build... so this
doesn't make sense to me. I can't see a reason for that - excepct if you
want to disable gzip decompression of http responses.

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