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RE: avoid sending USER if empty

From: Vojtech Fried <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:30:31 +0000

> I find it interesting that you're the first user to ask for this, even though
> we've done FTP like this for about 13 years!

Ok, it's probably not a common scenatio :)

> Sorry, but we can't break the behavior of existing apps so we can't have that.
> We can possibly introduce another magic user name or some other variation of
> extending an existing option or using a new option...

Sure, new option would be perfect for me.

> But why? The standard ftp way is to allow an anonymous user...

Basically, I am working on a proprietary application that used ftp connections
and behaved this way. Now when I try to port it to libcurl, regression tests
fail. So it's a backward compatibility issue for me.
I don't know if any other ftp client or server works by default in this way.


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