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Re: php curl_exec won't return any data, libcurl-, php 5.3.4, WampServer2.1d-x64.exe

From: Tolas Anon <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 19:51:22 +0100

simple-test results are in;

curl_exec() to localhost : works like a charm, for a 1hr request.

curl_exec() to internet domain name of localhost (port forwarding from
adsl modem to localhost enabled) : still running, does appear as
frozen as in the original request for help.

so ehm, how about that keep-alive.. isn't that supposed to prevent
this kinda thing?

see, my import routines are pretty useless if i can only use them on localhost

and unfortunately i don't think (i'll look into it tommorow) that i
can put out regular keep-alive traffic in the text/html output layer,
that is then discarded by my curl-exec calling php_daemon_script.

i have to start up ffmpeg, and let it run for potentially hours. no
http text/html level traffic can be sent while ffmpeg runs, i think.
maybe, just maybe some fopen() helper function can check if the
process is still open, but i'm just not sure.
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