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Re: Possible harm caused by using cURL on other people's websites.

From: Gloves 12 <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 16:40:41 -0500

Thanks - that does help. I'm really glad to hear it. You're saying
that most websites should be coded so if I accidentally send a request
that it doesn't understand, it will handle it gracefully, and that a
webmaster should be able to tell by looking at the logs that the
problem is on my end, not on his. (To that end, I guess I could even
set my user agent to "Ryan's Web Miner" or something to really make it

 I like your Apache suggestion - I think my apple computer comes with
it installed already, so I'll play with it some!

I don't use command line, so that threw me off, but the "user list"
also includes general questions =) so yes, I should have probably
posted there.

I'd never seen this site before - it looks neat! Lots of stuff
pertinent to what I'm working on.

Thanks both of you!
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