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Fwd: Re: [MVS-OE] help on curl EBCDIC support compilation

From: Poirier Xavier <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 09:10:35 +0200


Here is a thread coming from an "IBM Mailing List" for understanding my

is there someone here that can help me finding a solution ?

great work
have a nice day

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Sujet: Re: [MVS-OE] help on curl EBCDIC support compilation


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On Aug 17, 2010, at 08:06, Poirier Xavier wrote:
> We really need help on compiling opensource curl package
> into a newer version (7.20) onto the z/os system,
> we are missing the source for EBCDIC support as IBM as written
> it to do the compilation.
> is there a reason for IBM not to distribute the source file for EBCDIC
> support/compilation of curl as far as curl is opensource software ?
> or anyone can help me to obtain any information on source code to
> add/modify ?
My understanding is that IBM distributes as Ported Tools
only software whose source was available under an Apache-
or BSD-like license which does not require that the
modified source be made available.

I guess they don't want people running their code on Hercules,
Fujitsu, or Siemens.

It's sort of like taking pennies out of the penny dish by
the cash register and never putting any in.


Xavier --

The porting efforts are fueled and funded by various sources. I see
that GIl addressed that which is specifically supported by IBM (or
not). Are you in touch with the owners of the curl package? Maybe
they know if there is an official EBCDIC support function or perhaps
know the names of people who can help.

Recently, Greg Smith mentioned his own work, on this very list,
regarding porting BASH and XTERM.

For my part, I have an old curl work-alike (which pre-dates my
knowledge of curl) which has ASCII/EBCDIC toleration built in. It was
not difficult. (But then, in that case, I controlled the whole thing,
so I knew the source.) Might be a little time consuming.

-- R; <><

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