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Re: ANNOUNCE: curl and libcurl 7.21.1

From: Guenter <>
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 00:49:02 +0200

Am 11.08.2010 23:50, schrieb Daniel Stenberg:
> Hello friends,
> I'm glad to yet again announce another release. curl and libcurl 7.21.1
> was uploaded just a short while ago. Get it as usual from:
I've tried hard the last two days to fully automate my Win32 and NetWare
release builds, and especially for the NetWare builds that was really
tricky since I wanted to get the 'curl -V' output into a build.txt file
while the whole build process is a cross compile on Win32 (or Linux) -
in any case though not in NetWare itself where the curl binary needs to
run in order to produce the output ...
Anyway, I succeeded finally, and now I can build all release archives
including checksums within 3 mins! Horray!
Now amazed of this (and a bit angry on myself why I didnt look into this
already years ago!) I would also like to automate one last step:
download and extract of the curl release tarball.
Therefore I would like to ask you if you're willing to add same markers
to the directory listing as what we have with the snapshot site, f.e.
run a script like that when you upload the tarballs:

test -z "$1" && echo "Usage: $0 <version>" && exit 1
echo -e "<!--\nNEWEST tar.bz2 curl-${version}.tar.bz2\n-->"
echo -e "<!--\nNEWEST tar.gz curl-${version}.tar.gz\n-->"
echo -e "<!--\nNEWEST tar.lzma curl-${version}.tar.lzma\n-->"
echo -e "<!--\nNEWEST zip curl-${version}.zip\n-->"

echo "<h2>libcurl/curl source archives</h2>"

and then:
./writeheader 7.21.1 > /www/htdocs/download/HEADER.html
see result here (where I will remove the tags for abd zip again
since I dont mirror them):

This would greatly simplify parsing the index for latest archives;
sure I can with a little more work do it from directory listing like:*.tar.bz2
but with the above addition it would be possible to download releases
and snapshots just with same script ...
(of course would be really great if you could do it for all downloads
--> c-ares and libssh2 too)
Depending on your Apache config HEADER.html might be visible - then try
HEADER (without extension), or check autoindex config for:

Since the release builds are no longer a pain for me I've added now also
a non-ssl Win32 build:*
and these are all current Win32 builds:*

Then I've renamed the NetWare non-ssl build since 1st it was all the
time already with zlib, and 2nd I changed to static linkage of curl:*
and these are all current NetWare builds:*

Then I've also hacked a VBScript mk-ca-bundle.vbs short time after I
hacked and which I would like to contribute - is it ok
that I commit this to ./lib too? It might be helpful for all those on
Win32 where Perl is not installed by default ...

Finally I've just also hacked an awk script which parses the 'curl -V'
output and then builds a libcurl.pc from; this might be
useful for all non-configure platforms; perhaps /packages/common might
be a place for it?


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