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ANNOUNCE: curl and libcurl 7.21.1

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 23:50:29 +0200 (CEST)

Hello friends,

I'm glad to yet again announce another release. curl and libcurl 7.21.1 was
uploaded just a short while ago. Get it as usual from:

The RELEASE-NOTES for this step along the endless road follows here:

Curl and libcurl 7.21.1

  Public curl releases: 117
  Command line options: 138
  curl_easy_setopt() options: 180
  Public functions in libcurl: 58
  Known libcurl bindings: 39
  Contributors: 808

This release includes the following changes:

  o maketgz: produce CHANGES automatically
  o added support for NTLM authentication when compiled with NSS
  o build: Enable configure --enable-werror
  o curl-config: --built-shared returns shared info

This release includes the following bugfixes:

  o configure: spell --disable-threaded-resolver correctly
  o multi: call the progress callback in all states
  o multi: unmark handle as used when no longer head of pipeline
  o sendrecv: treat all negative values from send/recv as errors
  o ftp-wildcard: avoid tight loop when used without any pattern
  o multi_socket: re-use of same socket without notifying app
  o ftp wildcard: FTP LIST parser FIX
  o urlglobbing backslash escaping bug
  o build: add enable IPV6 option for the VC makefiles
  o multi: CURLINFO_LASTSOCKET doesn't work after remove_handle
  o --libcurl: use *_LARGE options with typecasted constants
  o --libcurl: hide setopt() calls setting default options
  o curl: avoid setting libcurl options to its default
  o --libcurl: list the tricky options instead of using [REMARK]
  o http: don't enable chunked during authentication negotiations
  o upload: warn users trying to upload from stdin with anyauth
  o configure: allow environments variable to override internals
  o threaded resolver: fix timeout issue
  o multi: fix condition that remove timers before trigger
  o examples: add curl_multi_timeout
  o --retry: access violation with URL part sets continued
  o ssh: Fix compile error on 64-bit systems.
  o remote-header-name: chop filename at next semicolon
  o ftp: response timeout bug in "quote" sending
  o CUSTOMREQUEST: shouldn't be disabled when HTTP is disabled
  o Watcom makefiles overhaul.
  o NTLM tests: boost coverage by forcing the hostname
  o multi: fix FTPS connecting the data connection with OpenSSL
  o retry: consider retrying even if -f is used
  o fix SOCKS problem when using multi interface
  o typecheck-gcc: add checks for recently added options
  o SCP: send large files properly with new enough libssh2
  o multi_socket: set timeout for 100-continue
  o ";type=" URL suffix over HTTP proxy
  o acknowledge progress callback error returns during connect
  o Watcom makefile fixes
  o runtests: clear old setenv remainders before test

This release includes the following known bugs:

  o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:

  Dan Fandrich, Kamil Dudka, Krister Johansen, Pavel Raiskup, Jon Sargeant,
  Pierre Joye, Tor Arntsen, Constantine Sapuntzakis, Sidney San Martin,
  Jeff Pohlmeyer, Jan Van Boghout, Ben Greear, Guenter Knauf, Adam Light,
  Georg Lippitsch, Mike Power, Robin Cornelius, Mikael Johansson,
  Yang Tse, Ben Darnell

         Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

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