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using curl_easy_pause()

From: Hrishikesh Murukkathampoondi <>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 16:52:57 +0530

I read through the libcurl-tutorial and I am able to set up a handle, options, and call curl_easy_perform() to download a file. But I do not understand how I can use curl_easy_pause() to pause the download.

In my application I spawn a separate thread that uses lib-curl to download this file so I initially thought I can call easy_pause from the main thread. But the documentation at says that the function should not be called from another thread.

The call to curl_easy_perform() will not return till the download is complete so I cannot call curl_easy_pause() from the same thread.

I am missing something/ Could someone tell me the correct way to use curl_easy_pause()?

Thank you
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