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Re: [bagder/curl] b5c3fe: NTLM tests: boost coverage by forcing the hostname

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 12:46:47 +0200

> NTLM tests: boost coverage by forcing the hostname
> A shared library tests/libtest/.libs/ is preloaded in NTLM
> test-cases to override the system implementation of gethostname(). It
> makes it possible to test the NTLM authentication for exact match, and
> this way test the implementation of MD4 and DES.

Currently the preprocessor symbol used to enable this testing
capability is CURLDEBUG, which is the symbol reserved for for
memory-tracking-capable builds.

OTOH curl_gethostname.c:36 and test definitions comments introduced
with this commit "we try to use the LD_PRELOAD hack, if not a debug
build" seem to indicate that the testing capability is intended for
debug builds.

So. Should the testing capability be available for debug builds or for
memory tracking builds?

  A debug build doesn't always imply a memory tracking enabled build,
which means that in current state debug builds that do not support
memory tracking won't have this (forced hostname) testing capability

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