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NSS enabled autobuild issues

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 01:52:27 +0100


Just as a reminder to anyone wishing to work on these, there are a
couple of NSS related issues on the daily builds...

1) Since the introduction of the last round of changes to the
configure script relative to the detection of the NSS library, one of
Dan Fandrich's NSS enabled Mandriva autobuilds failed at
build/compilation stage. Unfortunately the logs for this build are
long time gone, so unless Dan triggers this autobuild again it will be
possibly tough to repeat the problem. Due to this we should not be
surprised if someone reports a problem in this area in the future.

2) One of Guenter's NSS enabled autobuilds, with description 'OpenSuSE
11.1 Linux x86_64 - gcc 4.3.2' routinely fail on test cases
310 311 312. It seems to be some sort of certificate related issue,
not sure if truly a NSS problem or some sort of problem on the
certificates used for the tests.


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