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Re: ftp enhancement - FTP wildcard download

From: Kamil Dudka <>
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 00:37:44 +0100

On Saturday 26 of December 2009 00:15:29 Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> I would prefer that metadata callback to get called before any data is
> delivered, so that an app could get to know the file name etc before any
> data is downloaded. I would also like to see the entire wildcard concept

Yes, it makes sense.

> disabled by default and only enabled with a standard libcurl option so that
> it won't break any existing apps.

I was thinking about exactly this while discussing on IRC, but forgot
to tell :-)

> That metadata callback could then also perhaps be allowed to skip files the
> client deems unnecessary to get...

Sure. This will be quite helpful.

> As I also mentioned on IRC, the concept should be protocol agnostic enough
> so that it can be introduced for SFTP and FILE as well, should someone get
> the inspiration to do it.


> Still not really figured out is if the matching should be done client-side
> by libcurl or server-side by the server - I expect FTP servers to provide
> different matching support for example. Also, if done client-side it might
> be easier to provide the same matching concept not only between different
> FTP servers but also in the future between FTP and SFTP downloads etc.

I guess a deeper analysis of that will be part of Pavel's bachelor thesis ;-)

> I also think it's worth to consider and think about what this suggested
> feature does NOT include. Like recursive downloads. Or what happens if the
> pattern matches a directory name?

Introduction of the above mentioned API may create a good base for a generic
tree traversal. I don't think something like that will be part of the patch,
however we should have the idea in mind for sure.

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