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CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE erros with CURL 7.19.5

From: Pinakin Mevawala <>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 12:23:37 +0530

I see a lot of CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE using CURL 7.19.5 in 64 bit. We use
CURL 7.10.7 and 7.12.0 in 32 bit and no such errors.
I can see there are some code changes related to this in new CURL


       * In chunked mode, return an error if the connection is closed
prior to
       * the empty (terminiating) chunk is read.
       * The condition above used to check for
       * conn->proto.http->chunk.datasize != 0 which is true after
       * *any* chunk, not just the empty chunk.
      failf(data, "transfer closed with outstanding read data
      return CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE;

Is it ok to ignore this errors considering same code from our side is
just fine with CURL 7.12.0? If I use curl 7.12.0 for 64 bit then no such
errors. So is it ok to use same old curl 7.12.0/7.10.7 for 64 bit?

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Received on 2009-12-18