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RE: using WSAEventSelect with curl multi

From: Oran Agra <>
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 16:37:00 +0200

>The multi interface is not blocking...

Right sorry, I was using multi with curl_multi_fdset and select (code from the fopen.c sample), which made the code achieve blocking.

>Why? Oh, is that because you only can select() on sockets in windows and
>you want to wait for that quit command using some other means?
>Isn't WaitForMultipleObjects() however just a different select call so that
>it can wait for a number of sockets and some other file handles?

Right in windows select works only on sockets, and WaitForMultipleObjects work on other handles. This is why I want to use WSAEventSelect which associates (I think) a socket with an event (that can be then used with WaitForMultipleObjects)

>Yes, you can set those but if you want the "raw" sockets you must use the
>curl_multi_socket_action() function instead of curl_multi_perform().

I forgot to mention that I'm doing HTTP GET, not raw socket.

>(I'll appreciate patches!)

Since I'm not very familiar with curl, I prefer not to make any faulty patches, also the samples use libevent which I don't have I'm using only windows.

>So do they wait for the sockets the correct way? If so, why don't they >return?
>Don't the socket(s) get any action? If they do, isn't that a sign you don't
>wait for them the correct way? If they don't, isn't that a sign something
>is seriously wrong?

I'm not sure if I'm using curl the correct way (curl_multi_preform vs curl_multi_socket_action vs curl_multi_socket_all), and I'm not sure I'm using Win32 API correctly (WSAEventSelect).
This is why I ask if someone has a sample that does what I'm trying to do (on windows)

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