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Re: [OT] recording and replaying HTTP requests

From: Ragnar Lonn <>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:36:36 +0100

Mohun Biswas wrote:
> This is a little off topic and I hope people won't mind. Does anyone
> know of a tool for recording HTTP traffic and playing it back? Yes,
> I've tried to Google - the problem is that the word "HTTP" matches
> every URL in the world, so it's quite hard to express in a query what
> I want to record!
> The specific use case is this: there's a custom client, written with
> libcurl, which talks to a custom server. I want to enable some people
> around the world to work on the server. Unfortunately the client setup
> is complex and depends on local state which is very hard to reproduce.
> Thus it would be much more convenient to capture some representative
> request-response cycles locally and make the "recordings" available to
> people working on the server side.
> Thanks in advance,
> MB

I use Charles to record HTTP-sessions ( A good
recorder although I don't know how the playback possibilities are. You
should take a look at Selenium also ( If you by
any chance want to use an online service, our online load testing
service offers recording and playback capabilities
(the load generator/playback program is libCURL-based, by the way).


Received on 2009-02-09