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Re: cURL bug -- Segmentation Fault when timeout is 1 second

From: Daniel Marschall <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 13:56:13 +0100

>>> You're still chasing for problems in that old version?
>> Yes, because it is impossible to install a newer version than Debian
>> allow.
>> My co-partner which owns the server, said, it is impossible to upgrade
>> because of the security and because many processes need curl, so it
>> cannot
>> be reinstalled.
> No, it isn't impossible. And besides, you could install a totally separate
> one
> that only your app uses and nothing else.

TELL me how to do it without risk the server. I already asked for it, but
you don't explain it.

>> What do you mean with the SSL-Part? What has to be other if a HTTPS-page
>> is
>> called? Will the thread-safeness disappear then or what▀
> As described in the manual: yes.

There is written something with SSL/TLS handlers. But what has this to do
with multithreading? I don't use own TLS-handlers or something in that
direction. So, what do I have to change for SSL?

>>> Can you post a full stand-alone example here that crashes for you and
>>> that
>> I actually did post a full, stand-alone code that can be directly
>> compiled
>> and runned, look at my post.
> You didn't post it here and I didn't chase around for one.

If you cannot follow a link, I doubt your readiness to help. I cannot post
300 lines code unformated in this newsgroup. The link contains exactly the
code and is well formated and highlighted.

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