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Re: write callback issues (was Re: A new problem)

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 11:37:18 +0200

Hi Prasad,
> I honestly don't know how to print hex codes in the MessageBox();
dont be upset now, but now I only say what I honestly think: then you're not a developer at all!
Such things are basic C (hint: sprintf(buffer, "%02X", byte) f.e.) and you can not expect that
we teach you such things here, so there's absolutely no reason why you get un-polite.
Please take this as a hint, and go and search for a C code snippet which can display any buffer
as a nice hex listing, and try this (and beside that you would do good to learn basic C before
you go and develop to Win32 GUI). Also writing to a file is option as others suggested; then
you're able to show us the 'bad' response with a hex editor.

Then what makes me think too that you are not a real developer is:

- you pester this list with 25 mails during more than a week but you're not able to post a simple small program which demonstrates your prob; a real developer would just have taken one of the numerous samples our project comes with, and modified for own needs, and then posted here if this still can preproduce the issue, and that would have taken far less time than writing all those mails!

- instead of testing against a real webserver you use dubious methods to send something back to your calling curl app; what's that? If you have netcat then you have Linux, and each and every Linux comes with Apache by default, so worstest case would be to start your package manager for 5 minutes and install it; beside that the ASF provides ready-to-use Win32 downloads which you can install in 5 minutes too.

- finally since you 'cant' show us what you're really going to do this sounds to me you're a hacker who wants to crack some forum software, ebay, whatever, and then its clear and it explains why you dont 'want' to show us your code.

let me give you an advice for hackers: use Perl or PHP! These are more right for ya!
These languages think for you, and forgive bad coding, and lead you onto the right track with error messages.

good hack!
Received on 2008-04-09