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RE: About receiving data

From: Gary Maxwell <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 01:44:13 -0700

> Prasad J Pandit wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Apr 2008, Dan Fandrich wrote:
> > Which one of the 326 files did you download? Sounds like you should
> have
> > used the Download Wizard:
> Ah, forgot to mention that; I used that as well, but didn't help.
> library it suggested was some *mingw32* and that didn't work. Some
> error, as I remember.
> > It's a sophisticated, highly-configurable library of over 70,000
> > of code with 16 library dependencies on its own. It's not
> Gawd's that only if it works and is *usable*.
> > Which pages do you suggest dropping? The FAQ entry that shows how
> > solve your import problem? The download wizard that would have led
> to
> > the libcurl development library you wanted? The information on
> > libcurl? All that information needs to be accessible to people
> somewhere
> > or else the mailing list will be inundanted with simple questions
> > and potential users will give up and find another package.
> Well again, if it works, you wouldn't need any of it.
> > Having said all that, I agree that the web site is somewhat
> > and navigation could be improved. But it's a community-driven
> > unless someone steps up to the plate to make it better, it won't.
> Yeah, I understand!

Clearly, you were looking for a rather simple library that was easy to
find and install, with a rich web portal and support staff to answer all
your questions (and perhaps use Remote Desktop to resolve your issues
for you). As a libcurl user, I'm sorry you had difficulties. That being
said, libcurl never advertises itself as being simple or easy.

You certainly raised valid (and already known) deficiencies regarding
the web site, the lack of Windows installers, the complex dependencies
on other libraries, etc. (albeit in a rather mean-spirited manner). The
curl developers would rather implement additional features and fix bugs
in the actual package itself, rather than expend effort on fancy
installers and professionally-designed web sites that are helpful to
would-be programmers.

Experienced open source users expect problems when configuring,
installing, and using packages such as libcurl. They try to solve
problems through the standard means (FAQ, documentation, mailing list
archives, and *gasp* source code) before posting to the mailing list.
They use civilized language, too.

Thank you for your feedback, and I hope you are able to find what you
are looking for somewhere else (although I doubt it will be free).

Received on 2008-04-03