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curl-java (was RE: javacurl)

From: Patrick MONNERAT <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 18:27:50 +0100

Guenter Knauf wrote:

> well, I really dont care about the name; it was only a suggestion to name it curljni because that describes exactly what it is: curl java native interface.

I named the project "curl-java". All other items previously named "javacurl" renamed "curljava". This includes the library name.
We then have a relative uniformity and this avoids making confusion with the SF lame project. Let me know if you do not agree.

The README file has been augmented as you suggested.

DEBUG conditionals added for fprintf's.

CurlGlue class method version() added. Called and result displayed by
the test program.

Please find the source (CVS-like) archive and a Linux source distro in
attachment. Since this is a work in progress, I did NOT bumped
version/soname. Mail timestamp in list must then be used to determine
the latest.

> >> BTW. you should all files 'dos2unix -k *', that's ok; the files work
> > also with unix lineendings on win32, and beside that WinZip does by
> > default convert them.


> I did not touch teh configure stuff - leave that to you.

>From now on, I exclusively use the autotools files: for me,
Makefile.unix is dead and should probably be deleted in a near future. I
leave you handling the other specific Makefiles (I updated them
according to naming changes).


Received on 2008-01-24