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RE: javacurl

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 23:51:30 +0100

Hi Patrick,

> If we keep curl-java as package/module/srcdir name, I would prefer to
> use "curljava" for .c .h and dll name (or even "curl-java", but I'm not
> sure all OS support it): this seems to me more intuitive when someone
> needs to search or relate project elements.
well, I really dont care about the name; it was only a suggestion to name it curljni because that describes exactly what it is: curl java native interface.

>> hmm, do we really need AUTHORS?
> the AUTHORS file is not required anymore: kill it !

>> I was too lazy to produce also a tar.gz; maybe you can do that when
> you test on Linux?
I did overcome my lazyness, and checked on my old SuSE 7.0 box where I have Sun Java installed;
and did some more makefile fixes there, inserted some hacks to error out if we dont have a JAVA_HOME var, and added the 'lib' prefix to the .so.
Also removed again the `pwd` hack you inserted in the test class call;
first it didnt work for me - so if you really need it then lets use $(shell pwd) instead;
second I tested with ./ again, and that worked fine for me ...
And hacked in a -k / --insecure switch into because I didnt like to be insecure by default.

> Does this means you want me to provide a binary distro for Linux ???
No, I think that's not needed at this point. Let's wait till we have released libcurl 7.18.0, after that we update the package again for that release; till then we can hack a bit around, and improve it...
f.e. what you wrote today in 'RE: libCurl with Java' would probably be nice to have in the README.
but I dont that we should provide Linux bins at all, or? Given that libcurl and Java is properly installed on Linux its just a
make -f Makefile.unix test
to create it from source - even without configure magic...,
and if that really fails there's still a chance that configure does better.

>> BTW. you should all files 'dos2unix -k *', that's ok; the files work
> also with unix lineendings on win32, and beside that WinZip does by
> default convert them.

> Would do

> Regarding hosting: I'm also in favor of creating a CVS module (or
> reviving an old one) for this package: SF is not reliable and actors on
> this package are the same as those of libcurl...
I've just uploaded a new tar.gz to my site which contains all recent changes:

I did not touch teh configure stuff - leave that to you.

solong, Guen.
Received on 2008-01-24