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Re: [PATCH] SOCKS4a support (Daniel Stenberg)

From: <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 20:51:13 +0000 (GMT)

Daniel Steinberg wrote : > > > Thanks, but can you please elaborate on why you think libcurl needs to > > > have this ability rather than you just set these options in your app > > > The parameters TCP_KEEPCNT, TCP_KEEPIDLE and TCP_INTVL are defined in > > <netinet/tcp.h>. This header is not available from src/main.c, while it is > > available from lib/connect.c. > > Right, but [...] > #2 - I'm a believer in letting the app do what it can as far as > possible for these kinds of edge cases where we know most applications > won't care about and for those that care it is very easy for the > application to provide the functionality [...] Sure, from what you say, modifying tcp keepalive parameters on a per-socket basis can be done by modifying only src/main.c. I then continue the thread on the curl-users-request mailing list. Please find enclosed a second proposition of a much simpler patch (file main.diff). I changed the set_so_keepalive function into a set_keepalive function. With the recent problem encountered by Yangtse, I propose in the patch to use a --keep-alive option rather than a --no-keep-alive option (default : keep-alive disabled). [...] > o please use source code with no less than 80 characters per line I think the new patch is OK. But, I saw with a gawk command that this rule is currently not applied in several files of curl and libcurl. You will find in the attached 80.limit file the commands and the results applied against current CVS. Eric Landes _____________________________________________________________________________ Ne gardez plus qu'une seule adresse mail ! Copiez vos mails vers Yahoo! Mail

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