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Re: Curl, Openssl and Makefile.m32

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 02:11:13 +0200

Hi Niall,
>>> next snapshot should link (I've not tested! Please report back if not!!)
> That's this link:
> right?
no; here are the commits to CVS:
you can either manually modify the makefiles, or you have to wait for the next snapshot _after_ this commit; I guess this is made some time later in the early morning hours of 09-16:
> I dunno, gravy. 10 days is a long time for this not to be working (and
> about
> a week before I posted too!). I won't stop 'till it works, but it is
> frustrating, mainly because I don't understand why it doesn't work. It
> should work, right? Straight off.
yes, it should....; but often its a silly detail which prevents it.

> That would be very much appreciated!
> Could I have it with MSVC (if you have it), ZLIB (1.2.3), and openssl (
> 0.9.8e)?
I could - however then it is again next pain that I currently dont have MSVC7 - only 6, and that would probably end up with more frustration for you since the lib then might segfault.

> I just tried the mingw32 and that builds fully. How can I test it? I took a
> look in the "tests" directory and read the readme but it seems un-windows based.
Unfortunately yes; the current testsuite cant run on Win32.
I'd suggest that you do some real-life tests, f.e. the simplest would be:
curl (standard http request)
curl -k (standard cert-less https request)
for further testing I'd suggest that you create your own 'testsuite', f.e. it might be a good idea to let Apache2 run on your machine, and test against that; with that you can view _both_ sides: curl's output, and the webserver's log files which are also very informative when things go wrong.
Go ans visit my forum:
there you can find archives with win32 Apache 2.2 (not very latest, had not time yet to update Win32 stuff, but a 2.2.4 is also good enough for testing!); go and grab my +mods archive which contains some useful Apache modules which can help you with testing, f.e. mod_echo_post, or mod_loopback etc.
you can register to my forum and ask there, and I will post there more info if reqiured.

> Then I tried it with nmake and it still gives me the same linker errors as
> above and before.
yup, as I said before we simply forgot to fix that; and its very easy to fix it self - just see the above links to my commits and ad the wldap32.lib to the makefiles.

> Would it be worth trying to build it with the MSVC IDE? I know it seems
> like
> I'm trying anything and everything ... I am I guess ...
nope - you would run into exactly same issue since AFAICT the *.ds? files invoke the makefile.vc6.

> Yours frustratingly (not as per your replies, but in terms of it not
> working for me),
naaa, we get that working soon!!

Received on 2007-09-16