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Re: Curl, Openssl and Makefile.m32

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 01:39:32 +0200

Hi Niall,
> I know! I thought it was very odd too. However it did work, or at least it
> supressed the error, least I was trying to fix it I guess. Seeing as I set
> the path to the file would/could it have worked as it should? Hang on ...
> It now works ... ARGH! I don't know what I changed.
Perhaps you run out of environment space, or out of file handles?
Open your %windir%\system32/config.nt and add there at the end:

maybe that helps....
oh, how do you create the dosbox? do you use cmd, or command? you shoud use cmd;
start this best from start->execute->cmd

> The whole point of running the batch file was so that you wouldn't have to
> change the data in the makefile, right? ... I copied the vars from my
correct; you can of course change the Makefile.m32, but you would have to do with both in ./lib and ./src if you want to create curl.exe too (which is always recommended for two reasons: 1. to verify that libcurl works; 2. to compare if something doesnt work with your own code).

> Now I don't know what's wrong cause the path to my zlib directory is fine!
> I even used the build you suggested I use. Same result.
very strange!

> About the devcpp/msvc/mingw issue I used dev initially because there was
> more documentation for it with libcurl but I had always intended on using
> the libraries with msvc at the end ... guess it was pretty silly of me. It
> doesn't really bother me which compiler I use so I'll use dev.

> Is there anything which could affect the path to my zlib directory?
check that there is a libz.a inside the zlib dir.
Also the makefiles are designed to take the env vars if these are set; so if you decide to change the makefiles then make sure that the env vars get undefined; either close and open a new cmd box, or at least unset them with:

> Could you explain to me what the '-lz' parameter actually does?
sure: it tells the linker to link against libz.a.
The linkage follows two settings:

further more the linker skips any 'lib' prefix, hence its sufficient to set '-lz'; if you would use '-llibz' then the linker would look for a liblibz.a ....

greets, Guenter.
Received on 2007-09-10