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Re: LDAPS and configure

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 16:06:54 +0200

> It looks fine. The reason for the not-showing in the end is a mere typo in
> the variable name on that line.
argh! thanks! fixed. Also I've changed logic a bit so that now by default its really 'disable-ldaps' as I initially wanted to implement...

> I think perhaps the script could output something clever if we try to
> build
> --disable-ldap --enable-ldaps, since right now it just silently disables
> ldaps even though configure first outputs:

> checking whether to support ldap... no
> checking whether to support ldaps... yes
yup, that's true; I believe I've fixed that too now, here's the 2nd shot:

another question about the output screen: currently we have a couple of times 'ebabled' and (now) 2 times 'yes' for features output; should we make that all same = either all 'enabled'?

configure: Configured to build curl/libcurl:

  curl version: 7.17.0-CVS
  Host setup: i686-suse-linux
  Install prefix: /usr/local
  Compiler: gcc
  SSL support: enabled (OpenSSL)
  SSH support: enabled (libSSH2)
  zlib support: enabled
  krb4 support: no (--with-krb4*)
  GSSAPI support: no (--with-gssapi)
  SPNEGO support: no (--with-spnego)
  c-ares support: no (--enable-ares)
  ipv6 support: enabled
  IDN support: enabled
  Build libcurl: Shared=yes, Static=yes
  Built-in manual: enabled
  Verbose errors: enabled (--disable-verbose)
  SSPI support: no (--enable-sspi)
  ca cert path: /usr/local/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt
  LDAP support: yes (OpenLDAP)
  LDAPS support: yes

finally another question regarding the var naming: now I set already CURL_DISABLE_LDAPS from configure which is currently unsused, but also HAVE_LDAP_SSL to enable ldaps; should I exchange the
in the code??
That would however require that all non-configure platforms get this define by default, or else they build with ldaps support by default;
another option would be to change to '#ifdef CURL_ENABLE_LDAPS' ....

Received on 2007-08-25