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RE: Why curleasy do nothing for SFTP

From: Mathew Simon <>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 13:14:23 -0500

Thank you Guenter. I am able to SFTP files in my application using the
LIBSSH2 CVS-20070410 version, and the libcurl 7.16.4.

Since I do not know the internals of libcurl, I am not qualified to make
any suggestions to you guys. But I would like to bring my observation to
your notice. I was able to use the libssh2 test program
"sftp_nonblock.c" to download files as a test of libssh2 with Mingw32.
The libssh2 version I used for this testing was the snapshot of August
18, 2007. Since this test program is working under Mingw32, it may be
inferred that the later libssh2 modifications might be good. Instead the
problem might be in the later modifications to libcurl, specifically the
interface between libcurl and libssh2, which is breaking the libcurl
SFTP. I am sorry that I couldn't be of much help since I do not know the
internals of libcurl.

You might be already know this. The libcurl latest versions will not
compile with LIBSSH2 CVS-20070410, and hence testing with these two
versions is not possible.

Mathew Simon

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Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 6:22 AM
Subject: RE: Why curleasy do nothing for SFTP

> Thank you Guen! Your test reassures me that I am still (somewhat)
> sane!
I did some more tests, and the last version which works fine for me is
CVS-20070410, everything after that has issues when build with MingW32.
If you want to test this version then you can get a zip from here:
I guess this version builds only with libcurl 7.16.4; at least I did
only test with this version.

If you test this please let us know if this works better for you.

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