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RE: Porting libcurl to OS/400

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 11:34:24 +0200

> Neither EBCDIC nor SSL support yet...
I was talking about an EBCDIC API set, because all the OS/400 programs
are natively based on EBCDIC. The way I ported libcurl makes it
expecting ASCII arguments and returning so. I plan to write EBCDIC
wrappers for procedures dealing with character args/return value.

  grep CURL_EXTERN include/curl/*.h
... Happily the grep command exists on OS/400 !

I know you are very busy with 7.16.3, but anyway don't commit it to
fast: creating a separate os400 subdir will cause my new files to be
moved into it and updated accordingly. I'll submit another complete
patch when this will be done.

Currently I'm coding an ILE/RPG (most used language on OS/400) include
file, because C includes are not usable from an RPG program. Doing this
task, I falled on a little problem: ILE/RPG has no varargs feature; you
have to define alias prototypes for each parameter sequence you need.
Thus function curl_formadd() may hardly be used from ILE/RPG. To support
it in this language, I will probably write wrapper functions allowing to
perform a single curl_formadd() by calling new functions
curl_formadd_begin(), curl_formadd_int, curl_formadd_ptr(), ...,
curl_formadd_end(). Any advice ?
Received on 2007-06-14