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Request To Memory Buffer

From: Uygar Gümüs <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 09:40:30 +0300


I need some help about libcurl interface. Please help me.

I want libcurl to request to (getting data from) a memory buffer. My exact aim is to make a faster cache mechanism. I want to get data from Http server as usual ways of easy interface of libcurl than store them in internal buffer on memory. After a period when a request taken for the same object (mean url) giving data from that buffer easily. I did same mechanism as saving data to local file system and making a file:/// request next times in order to make faster downloads. But the file system is flash and i don`t prefer to write/read/delete on it too much. I want to store data in memory and make libcurl download from that memory chuck. And of course don`t want to change other parts of code that uses libcurl easy interface. Is there any way of doing this. There had been a discussion about something similar in thread "Info request about the zero copy interface" at this mailing list. Bu i don`t see any API about it.

Can you please reply... Thanks a lot

Uygar Gumus
Received on 2007-06-08