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Re: error in libcurl.dll?

From: Thomas Reinhardt <>
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2007 21:30:28 +0100

> That source code was not complete, and with your
> generally bad bufferboundary checks and little
> details it is impossible for us to tell.

Sorry, i have shortened the function for readability.

> Then sprinkle the code with printf()s or similar.
> Or better: fix your system so that you _can_ run a
> debugger.

I must not install a debugger on this machine, it's not mine.

That sounds like a very old libcurl. I would recommend an upgrade.

That's not my business. I only suffer from helpersyndrom. :-)

But nevertheless, i have isolated the Bug. I have set the 'CURLOPT_ERRORBUFFER'-Option on a line, that was only executed in debug mode.

Thanks again and best regards.


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