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Re: ebcdic and tpf patches

From: David McCreedy <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 16:29:29 +0000

On Fri, 7 Apr 2006 22:21:53 +0200 (CEST) Daniel Stenberg wrote:

>Do you think you can write up some docs for the new curl_easy_setopt()
>options that would explain how an ordinary user would use them?

I'm done with my testing. Everything checks out OK.
And documentation for the new curl_easy_setopt() conversion options is
I'm not attached to any of the wording so feel free to edit it, of course.

FYI: I'll submit two more patches this week: line end handling and a
CURLINFO_LASTSOCKET enhancement. I think that's the last of the changes
we've identified for Curl on TPF.


-David McCreedy


Function pointers that should match the following prototype: CURLcode
function(char *ptr, size_t length);

These three options apply to non-ASCII platforms only. They are available
only if CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS was defined when libcurl was built.

The data to be converted is in a buffer pointed to by the ptr parameter.
The amount of data to convert is indicated by the length parameter.
The converted data overlays the input data in the buffer pointed to by the
ptr parameter.
CURLE_OK should be returned upon successful conversion.
A CURLcode return value defined by curl.h, such as CURLE_CONV_FAILED, should
be returned if an error was encountered.

convert between the host encoding and the network encoding. They are used
when commands or ASCII data are sent/received over the network.

CURLOPT_CONV_FROM_UTF8_FUNCTION is called to convert from UTF8 into the host
encoding. It is required only for SSL processing.

If you set a callback pointer to NULL, or don't set it at all, the built-in
libcurl iconv functions will be used. If HAVE_ICONV was not defined when
libcurl was built, and no callback has been established, conversion will
return the CURLE_CONV_REQD error code.

If HAVE_ICONV is defined, CURL_ICONV_CODESET_OF_HOST must also be defined.
For example:

The iconv code in libcurl will default the network and UTF8 codeset names as
You will need to override these definitions if they are different on your
Received on 2006-04-10